Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 30--Everything I Wish I Could Say

Dear Deployment,

I'm still waiting to hear from him again.  Two agonizing days not knowing what his schedule is, what he's doing, what he's thinking or even where he is. I know he's safe, but I just miss his voice.
I want to tell him to watch the mail, since I sent his first care package today.  I had all sorts of odds and ends in there, but made sure to include a batch of his favorite brownies.
hopefully they keep.

I want to tell him about the pretty flowers I bought yesterday for his mother.  There were too many in the bouquet, so I brought some home to put in a small vase here.
I love purple. I also love daisies.
DH never buys me flowers.  His one flaw is that he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body (he says he has one, he just chooses not to use it).  So I buy them for myself.  I think they liven up a home and make it more inviting.

I also love to randomly send people flowers.  If DH wasn't so dang far away, I would just send him some--I'd make sure there was something manly involved though, like a Tonka Truck ribbon on the vase...or something.  I could market that...oh the possibilities!

I also wish I could show him my painting.  I'm really enjoying it--and it makes me feel artistic, even though I'm creatively challenged.
Hopefully it looks cool when I'm done.  I want to frame it and put it in our second bathroom we don't have....our next house will have one though, and I'm doing a port/marina theme.  I decide these things years in advance.  It's worked out well so far.

I would also like to tell him about our ridiculous puppy.  This is our ridiculous puppy:

She was getting scolded.

Puppy is ridiculous, though.  She makes me laugh all the time.  She also frustrates me frequently.  Sometimes I think I have a very hairy toddler on my hands.
I opened my eyes this morning to her face less than 2 inches from mine.  Just staring.
I about peed my pants.
I love this animal. How could you not?

Pretty dang cute, if I do say so myself.

I wish I could tell him all sorts of things, but I guess I can wait a few more days.  Suspense will make the stories all the more dramatic--and I do like to be animated.  I guess I can use this to my advantage.

We'll see how this goes.

The Faithful Wife

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