Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 95--What do you mean, only 24 hours in a day?

Dear Deployment,

There is a little oddity that I have discovered similar to the laundry issue I encountered earlier in this deployment....

How in the world does a sink get like this?

 It is OVERFLOWING?!  This never happened before DH left
I'm convinced it's a deployment thing
and it's not like I'm not organized.  My house is spotless (mostly) and the mere 24 hours I have every day are well used

Oh goodness.  Can I have another hour?
The Faithful Wife

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 94--Your Timing is Impeccable

Dear Deployment,

I must admit you have impeccable (I am a horrible speller, and no I won't try to hide it) timing with just about everything.  DH and I were able to talk on Friday night but haven't been able to talk that time, I have managed to come down with a severe inner ear infection, fever and case of the "I need to organize my already organized house now" disorder.
Oh the things I could tell him if he'd get his adorable backside back on Skype.  Hopefully I'll get to talk to him today or tomorrow.

I also need to explain the $150 grocery bill before he checks our bank statement.  Those cheetoes were calling to me, how could I say no?
Fun fact: I'm actually a 5 year old in a twenty-something's body. Never let me go grocery shopping alone unless you want a cart full of cheetoes, ice cream and snack packs.  I ate macaroni and cheese for supper last night. With cheetos. You know you're jealous.

Puppy and I went to the dog park yesterday for the first time (on my sick day, don't judge--just because I'm in pain doesn't mean I can't take my puppy out for a grand ol' time).  I sat. She ran.  We were both entertained and I greatly enjoyed the benefits of a tired dog all of yesterday evening.
She's actually still sleeping on the kitchen floor. Love it.

I also wanted to share this video with you.  Many of my friends have their husbands deployed right now, so I'm in common company to some extent.  A good friend of mine was surprised by an early homecoming on Sunday evening--while I wasn't there due to my ear deciding to freak out, I was able to see pictures and this video of their meeting. 

I am firmly convinced that these are what make our time apart worth it.  While DH and I haven't been through a deployment separation until now, we were apart for the vast majority of our relationship (in our 16 month engagement, I saw him a grand total of a month) so I know somewhat how that first reunion feels.  For that moment, you forget all the crap you've been through and you just know that you're home again.

I can't wait for our turn.  Something like four more months to go, but when the time comes, you will be sure to see our video on this blog.  I will be bawling my eyes out, and yes, our puppy will be in it--she's his baby afterall!

Thank the Lord for homecomings.  Now hurry up with ours!

The Faithful Wife

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 92--I had a hot date

Dear Deployment,

You're helping me get in touch with my inner old person.  Yes, I am married now so my priorities are different...but seriously? I spent my Friday night steaming our curtains.
Oh yes, a seriously hot date.  Me, a fabric steamer and our wrinkly curtains.

Sexy, huh?  The right panel was done, I was still working on panel number two....
The worst part though? I enjoyed it!  I took pleasure in watching the wrinkles come out and running that steamer over those nasty looking curtains
yep, I'm old.

In other news, the truck problem? That's all fixed.  My bank account is drained, but DH now has a pretty, shiney, good as new red truck.  Now I just have to not crash it again before he comes home.

Life is good though.  My fur baby has been super well behaved this week.  I switched her to a grain free diet and she hasn't been sick since!  I'm definately happy about that since it's been an ongoing issue.  I should be a pet whisperer with my serious dog fixing skills.
She's mad at me right now though because I got her groomed this week.  But look how pretty she is!

I think she'll forgive me...once I take that bandana off of her.

Now off to get in touch with my inner domestic goddess....bread baking calls.

The Faithful Wife

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 83--Why is my dog sick? again....

Dear Deployment,

I'd really like you to stop making my otherwise healthy (before DH deployed) puppy sick.  She's making me sad and worried and stressed.
Okay thanks.

The Faithful Wife

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 79--Oh! The Things You Learn

Dear Deployment,

I've been somewhat absent lately, namely because my life has been mostly consumed by the stress of said truck from other posts...oh, and this little detail:
This is my car....not working.
Yep, now my car is dead on top of DH's truck's not so fabulous luck with my driving skills.  In my car's defense, it is 20 years old and oh, basically dead anyway, so it was bound to happen...but really?  Excellent timing, D'Artagnion (yes, I name my cars...I also name just about everything in my possession)
At this point, I'm just laughing, because seriously, what are the odds?
I guess the deployment curse likes to have the last laugh.

Between dealing with those two lovely motorized somewhat-working vehicles, I've been playing with our has now, officially, entered the teenager stage.

Go ahead, admit it, she's adorable.
that face gets me every time.

Shes currently sleeping in the bathroom....I caught her drinking out of the toilet today.  Pretty sure I was even less grossed out than she was by it.  You know it's time to clean the bathroom when your dog is disgusted by licking the toilet.
I'm getting ahead of myself here.

So, after some deep cleaning of the whole 700 sq. feet we have in our happy home, I still had to figure out a handy dandy little way to plan a baby shower for a dear friend.
So I did.
and I got in touch with my inner domestic, crafting goddess

Go ahead, be impressed.  I know I was.

So yes, I've been all over and everywhere.  Bumming rides here, crying when I have to drive DH's truck there....but I am also learning many valuable lessons that I wouldn't have learned if DH was actually, oh you know, on this side of the hemisphere.

Just to name a few:
  • I learned how to call a tow truck and negotiate prices/discounts on rental cars
  • I learned not to panic when your beloved named car decides not to start
    • I also learned that dad's are a helpful DH substitute when this occurs
  • I learned how to bribe people to drive me places
  • I learned how to finagle fun and creative ways to save money
  • I learned how to take a vehicle to multiple places, ALONE, and get honest estimates out of people
  • I learned how to file an insurance claim
  • I learned how to teach our puppy to shake, speak, spin and lay down on her bed
I am currently learning how to drive a monsterous's probably going to kill me.
But above any of this, I am learning my true capabilities as an independent young woman....learning to have confidence in myself and what I know how to do.
I am learning that it's okay to ask for help if you don't know how to do something.
and I'm learning that this whole process is a lot more enjoyable when coupled with lots of laughter and the occasional glass of Riseling

So you know what? Even though we're pushing close to day 100 of DH being gone, I am surprising myself in ways I never before expected.
It's fun when that happens.

The Faithful Wife