Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 92--I had a hot date

Dear Deployment,

You're helping me get in touch with my inner old person.  Yes, I am married now so my priorities are different...but seriously? I spent my Friday night steaming our curtains.
Oh yes, a seriously hot date.  Me, a fabric steamer and our wrinkly curtains.

Sexy, huh?  The right panel was done, I was still working on panel number two....
The worst part though? I enjoyed it!  I took pleasure in watching the wrinkles come out and running that steamer over those nasty looking curtains
yep, I'm old.

In other news, the truck problem? That's all fixed.  My bank account is drained, but DH now has a pretty, shiney, good as new red truck.  Now I just have to not crash it again before he comes home.

Life is good though.  My fur baby has been super well behaved this week.  I switched her to a grain free diet and she hasn't been sick since!  I'm definately happy about that since it's been an ongoing issue.  I should be a pet whisperer with my serious dog fixing skills.
She's mad at me right now though because I got her groomed this week.  But look how pretty she is!

I think she'll forgive me...once I take that bandana off of her.

Now off to get in touch with my inner domestic goddess....bread baking calls.

The Faithful Wife

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