Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 94--Your Timing is Impeccable

Dear Deployment,

I must admit you have impeccable (I am a horrible speller, and no I won't try to hide it) timing with just about everything.  DH and I were able to talk on Friday night but haven't been able to talk since....in that time, I have managed to come down with a severe inner ear infection, fever and case of the "I need to organize my already organized house now" disorder.
Oh the things I could tell him if he'd get his adorable backside back on Skype.  Hopefully I'll get to talk to him today or tomorrow.

I also need to explain the $150 grocery bill before he checks our bank statement.  Those cheetoes were calling to me, how could I say no?
Fun fact: I'm actually a 5 year old in a twenty-something's body. Never let me go grocery shopping alone unless you want a cart full of cheetoes, ice cream and snack packs.  I ate macaroni and cheese for supper last night. With cheetos. You know you're jealous.

Puppy and I went to the dog park yesterday for the first time (on my sick day, don't judge--just because I'm in pain doesn't mean I can't take my puppy out for a grand ol' time).  I sat. She ran.  We were both entertained and I greatly enjoyed the benefits of a tired dog all of yesterday evening.
She's actually still sleeping on the kitchen floor. Love it.

I also wanted to share this video with you.  Many of my friends have their husbands deployed right now, so I'm in common company to some extent.  A good friend of mine was surprised by an early homecoming on Sunday evening--while I wasn't there due to my ear deciding to freak out, I was able to see pictures and this video of their meeting. 

I am firmly convinced that these are what make our time apart worth it.  While DH and I haven't been through a deployment separation until now, we were apart for the vast majority of our relationship (in our 16 month engagement, I saw him a grand total of a month) so I know somewhat how that first reunion feels.  For that moment, you forget all the crap you've been through and you just know that you're home again.

I can't wait for our turn.  Something like four more months to go, but when the time comes, you will be sure to see our video on this blog.  I will be bawling my eyes out, and yes, our puppy will be in it--she's his baby afterall!

Thank the Lord for homecomings.  Now hurry up with ours!

The Faithful Wife

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  1. Hi Kim!! Its Jacqueline Bradham, I finally found your blog and I LOVE it!!! I just sent you out a letter so it should be there soon and don't feel guilty about the cheetos you can't resist the bright orange crunchy goodness LOL!