Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 36--Breaking News, Heart in My Throat

Dear Deployment,

One of the most evil people in modern history is dead.  The news of Osama Bin Laden's death broke less than an hour ago, it's all over Facebook, Google, the news.  Part of me is celebrating right now because of the joy of knowing that 9/11, in a small way, has been avenged.  All of those who died can know that the mastermind behind their murders is now facing God and facing all that he has done.
Part of me feels sick, because I know there will be international backlash from his death.  DH is in a predominately Muslim country right now.  While he's not supposed to be in any sort of real danger, part of me knows that because of today's events, he could be put at risk.  It scares me.  To say it doesn't would simply be lying--I am scared right now and that is the God-honest truth.

In my fear, however, I have hope.  I have peace.  I know that the Lord is walking with him and that angels are surrounding him.  We live in a scary world, but we serve a God bigger than that.  I know my husband will be okay--that he will come home to me
it might just be later than we were hoping.
All I can do right now is pray and hope that DH doesn't get forward deployed.  Pray that DH gets to stay where he is now.  Pray that I can talk to him soon and be reassured by the sound of his voice.

Speaking of hearing his voice, I was blessed to get a phone call from him early (read: 2am) on Friday morning.  I felt so spoiled to talk to him, so blessed and so reminded of all the reasons I love him dearly.

I could talk about all the things I did this weekend, but it just doesn't seem appropriate right now.  My heart is somber, my voice is lifted in prayer.
and I give thanks for the Lord's protection.

The Faithful Wife

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  1. I understand your fears. Just know that God always powers over Satan and that is exactly what happened today. Good won over evil and, because of that, God is watching over his children and will bring them home safely.