Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 45--Waiting for that Phone Call

Dear Deployment,

I'm going to be in big trouble.  Remember that post a while back regarding DH's truck?  Yeah, I made an oopsie.
A size of my hand, dent in the side of his beloved truck oopsie.
So if there aren't anymore blog posts after this one, it means I told DH and he killed me with the death stare...because I know I'm going to get it.

That is the worst part of deployments, I've decided: not being able to talk to them right when you want/need to do so.  I've been harboring this guilt and nervousness for two whole days now, just waiting for that phone call...but I never can seem to catch him online.  It's such a frustrating feeling.
You feel very helpless.

I am fortunate I get my two phone calls a week....but I must admit that sometimes I am selfish and wish that he could call more--I miss him a lot
even when I know I'm going to get lectured on why I shouldn't be driving his truck in the first place.

I'm praying he'll be able to call today. The stress is driving me quite insane.  I'm not a fan.

In other news, puppy went to daycare yesterday. (Yes, I'm one of those people now).  I wish I had discovered it sooner--she's so well behaved and sweet.  I'm a fan.  This is going to be a lifesaver, I think.

I need to get going to work, but for those of you who are willing, please pray I can finally talk to DH, that he receives the news of my big oopsie well and that we can get it fixed for not too much....
yup, big trouble (as my little brother would say)

The Faithful Wife

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