Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 62--When Waiting for that Phone Call

Dear Deployment,

It has been what feels like forever since I last heard from DH.  I haven't talked to him since last Thursday--but I am thankful for the brief email I received yesterday.  You learn to cling to those little things, and I'm thankful that I'm learning those lessons now rather than a few years from now.

So what do I do when I wait for that phone call?  Everything I do normally--just a bit more thoroughly or observantly!

I am currently watching my ridiculous puppy chase her tail.  She is the most hilarious creature I've ever met.  I am so thankful for her, even on days like today when I wanted to clamp her barking mouth shut....she's gotten so loud.  Here's a picture of her I took earlier today, she's so selfish:

I was finally able to get a quote on DH's truck.  It will be fixed by next month, so I definately feel much better about that whole situation.  Hopefully he's pleased by the results.  We shall see, I guess!

Sometimes I just wish I could pick up the phone and call him.  There are so many things I want to tell him, and by the time I get to talk to him, I've either forgotten or it doesn't seem nearly as important as it did when I first wanted to tell him.
I guess that's just the learning part of this process.

Here's to a hope of a phone call.

The Faithful Wife


  1. Not getting to talk to them is definitely the worst part. While DH has never deployed, I remember having a list of things I wanted to tell him when he was at OTS and, by the time I got to talk to him, my list was so long but he only had a few minutes to talk so I still didn't get to tell him everything. That's definitely the worst part. But you seem to be handling it well. Keep it up, girl! :)

  2. Thanks so much, Kati! It's definately a learning process, but that's the beauty of life--continually learning how to manage things!

    I was able to talk to him this morning, so I'm a happy camper :) I realized, though, when I got off of Skype that I forgot to tell him that I made butter....haha it's the little things!