Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 4-Hashbrowns and Pancakes

Dear Deployment,

I love breakfast for dinner.  I always have--I think my mom got us hooked on it as kids and I've never looked back.  This deployment is working out well for my rather unnatural cravings for poached eggs and toast with hashbrowns and pancakes at 2000.  DH never has been a fan of breakfast for dinner, unless I'm making french toast.
and I don't make french toast.
I think it tastes funny.

A friend of mine and I went out for Ihop tonight to indulge our hankering for all things breakfast after a particuarly long day at work and it was very needed.  With all of the stress of the last few days compounded upon the anticipation of the last five months, I needed to get out of my house and just laugh a little.
and we did.

Puppy is feeling much better today.  I am being constantly reminded of the blessing of friendship through this deployment.  Another friend of mine sat in our apartment all day "puppy-sitting" our fur baby while I was at work.  The vet put her on a prescription diet for the next week and I can tell it's working: she's running laps through the house again.
Funny how the things that used to drive me crazy I'm now thrilled exist.

This post is going to be incredibly short in comparison to my other ones, simply because the three hours of sleep combined with the nine hours of work today are taking their toll.  My bed, albiet cold, is calling, and I am gladly going to answer.

The Faithful Wife

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