Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 100--A Reason to Celebrate

Dear Deployment,

I find it ironic that our day 100 is actually the 4th of July.  Of all days to hit that big three digit mark, it's the celebration of all that DH spends his life defending.

I must admit though that this last week has been particularly difficult.  I've been rather absent due to personal illness (apparently I managed to contract an infection of my lymph nodes that swelled my right jaw and ear...awesome) and a rather severe instance of my dog contracting giardia.
I came home on Thursday to an apartment covered in sweet puppy's not so sweet poo and her looking super miserable.  Thankfully we caught it early and only had to spend a small fortune to save her.
She is on four prescriptions.  FOUR!
I don't think I've ever been on that many medications simultaneously EVER.

Goodness she's high maintenance.
but darn it she's cute.

Up until this morning, I hadn't been able to talk to DH since the 24th of June.  It stunk.  and honestly, I was mad.
I realize it's not his fault when he can't call or be online, but there are days when I wish that he could just be at my beck and call and just be there for me right when I need him.

But I guess that's part of this too: learning how to manage without having them here all the time.

It is definately past my bedtime (remember? I'm actually five years old, so my bedtime is like, 8pm) so I need to get my not so tiny hiney into my nice big cold bed.
but I'll update soon, because there is so many reasons I am blessed and so many things I am learning.

My heart is bursting to share them all with you.

The Faithful Wife

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