Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 118--Holy lack of productivity, Batman!

Dear Deployment,

I must admit my infatuation with this fabulous discovery has made my ability to post and focus on things I should probably work on go to poo.  However, they were much needed distractions, as these last few weeks have been challenging but wonderful all in one.

I made two care packages for DH in the last 3 weeks.  The first one had my very first attempt at cake in a jar.  I think it turned out pretty well:

DH said it kept decently well, so I'll have to keep playing until I perfect it.  No need for him to go cake-less for three more months.  I was pretty excited.

I also put together a boudoir album for him.  I never thought I'd be one to do those kinds of pictures, but it was such a great experience and DH loves them.  Definately worth it and definately a confidence booster.

Because let's be honest, women never have self esteem issues....

And if you were paying attention, you would notice that I put a special little note of time in my cake references.....yes, we are down to only three more months!  Where does the time go?  It was March yesterday?!

Okay, puppy is whining to go out.  She's driving me crazy.  If anyone wants an adorable Belgian Tervuren puppy you can have her....I'll just want her back when it's time to snuggle.

The Faithful Wife


  1. Ooo... cake in a jar! You must share this recipe. I have lots of jars, and time to make cakes!

  2. Oh it is so easy and fun, bejellyfish! All you do is make the recipe according to box directions and pour the batter into the jar (that has been liberally sprayed with Pam) halfway full. Then you place on a cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. You boil the lid whilie it's baking and once it's out and cooled a bit, you seal it :)

  3. Is it one whole cake per jar? Or do you split it up into multiple jars? The Mr.'s birthday is coming up and this is a great addition since we can't be together!

  4. It's about half the batter per jar, so about 2 cakes will come from each batch--IF you're using a large jar like I did. I have pint jars this next time around and I can probably get 3 out of one batch.