Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 119--When DH's Away...His Girls will Play

Dear Deployment,

DH and I have had this cyclical issue since day 1 of our marriage.  We have argued over this topic more than any other.  It's been a thorn in my side and a pain for him to listen to.
What is this horrid thing?

Meet the table
Among many of my arguements is the fact it doesn't match any of our home decor.  Now, I'm no Martha Stewart when it comes to decorating, but the fact that everything else in our house is black wood, this light oak table just seemed out of place
One of these things is not like the of these things just doesn't belong....
You learn it as a toddler, so I don't know why DH put up such a fuss when I suggested getting a new table.

His counter-arguement?  "We don't need a new table.  We never have anyone over for dinner"
Yes, that's because we only have two chairs.  Therefore, we'll have people over for dinner if we go buy a new table.

But while he was home, I lost that arguement.

However, with him away, I may or may not have been sneaky and managed to get rid of said table and get this lovely gem off of Craigslist:

Isn't it lovely? (minus my mess on top, I promise I'm not sloppy).  Ah, matching's the little things in life.  DH just found out yesterday, but he realized there was nothing he could do about it, so he just sighed.  Yay! I win!

Also adding to the conundrum of DH's being gone, similar to the dishes issue or the laundry issue, is the grocery shopping issue.  Now, mind you I only go about once a month, but holy cow

Two hundred dollars later....I need to learn to eat Ramen more.

Oh, and I found the best free entertainment ever for puppy.  Ice cubes.  Here are some pictures of here playing with an ice cube (I'll have to record a video next time)

And with that, I will leave you with a video of my sister playing Guesstures, just so you can get some laughs.  She is entirely awesome.

I love my life. I love my family. I love my husband.
and I love our new table.

The Faithful Wife


  1. Good call with the new furniture, and with not spending too much money and buying on Craigslist!

    And don't worry, $200 doesn't seem like too much to spend on groceries if you only shop once a month (although I don't know how you do it!)

  2. Haha yes! It's the little victories isn't it?? When my hubs is home we have to buy skim milk because its all he drinks. But when he's gone, its 2% all the way! Lol. And our dog is obsessed with ice cubes too!! So funny, but I love it because they're cheaper than dog treats. Great to meet you!

  3. I love the smell of victory!! Love the new table*air high five*

  4. That new table is adorable! I love it! And you only spend $200 on groceries per month!? Girl, where do you shop!?

  5. Haha I'm cheap! I shop at our local Kroger/Baker's store or at Walmart. Preplanning is key!! :)