Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 156--I Did a Wonderful Thing

Dear Deployment,

I've had the most incredible weekend.  I have learned the most valuable lesson in the last five days:
Take Time for Yourself

I've never really done that this deployment, and while it may have been halfway selfish, I needed it more than I even realized.
We have some long time friends stationed south of us (I won't tell you where, but they have heaven on earth there:)
I was a happy camper.  We don't have one of those where DH and I are stationed.
I promise to post more tomorrow, but please promise me to take time for yourself this week--I wish I had realized the vital importance of that sooner.

The Faithful Wife


  1. I have a friend who is a veteran. She was telling me about a new military website she heard about. The name is She told me that it lists local businesses that offer discounts to the military. I decided to go and look at it myself and found a great site. Not only are there discounts, but there is military related news, jokes and benefit information. In this economy, who couldn't stand to save a little money?

  2. Glad you got the chance to take some time for yourself! It looks like you earned it. We're off in Hawaii and we don't have any of the good mainland stuff... I'm pretty sure that includes ChickFiliet. We don't have a Sonic either which makes me a REALLY sad panda. Continue to do things to make yourself happy!